Grief is a sinkhole It hides beneath the karst topography of my skin Undermining, excavating, depleting Until the foundation of my functional self Loses stability One hundred little raindrops One hundred little reminders One hundred little things I forgot to say One hundred little poems One hundred Sunday noons One hundred little ways To say … More Sinkholes

New Schema

So apparently writing a lot of poems about depression and the struggle of veterinary school can give the impression to non-veterinary friends and family that there is no joy to be had. Who would have suspected? I mean, I guess therapeutic writing can get to be narrow-sighted. For that reason, I’ve decided to change things … More New Schema

I’m okay

I’m okay Had to put down a beloved family pet today But I’m okay Then I had swallow my tears and go into the next appointment Because I’m okay A puppy vaccine visit, such a cute little dog So I’m okay But the owner doesn’t believe in neutering. Or vaccination. I swear – I’m okay … More I’m okay

The end of one, beginning of another…

I have a scary-ass theriogenology quiz tomorrow (think 33-page study guide) – so, obviously, I’m blogging. Naturally. One thing a lot of people get confused about Mizzou’s vet school is our clinic schedule. We have a two-year didactic, two-year clinical schedule, instead of the traditional three-year didactic, one-year clinical schedule; that means that as a … More The end of one, beginning of another…

Clinics are Coming

That reference may be a bit overdone these days, but even as the Stark words about winter rang true in time, so too will these words. Last year, clinics were a far-off dream, an ominous and thrilling fantasy that I never believed I would actually realize. Now, my clinic schedule is set, and I am … More Clinics are Coming

Theoretical Space

I’m lost in a theoretical space Fissure lines on lungs like lace Fifty thousand shades of grey Optical illusions to start the day   Fortunes change so fast This happiness can’t last My head is spinning, Yesterday, depression was winning   And I’m losing to a theoretical space Daily putting on my brave face – … More Theoretical Space