At the Symposium

I am sitting in a hotel lobby in Ames, Iowa, this morning, as snow falls outside.  Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine is hosting this year’s Student American Veterinary Medical Association (or SAVMA) Symposium.  Wet labs, day trips to the zoo or USDA facilities, wine tours, lectures on topics from holistic medicine to proper … More At the Symposium

Dreary Days

When we started vet school, the second-year students informed us that IP3 was the hardest we would face – affectionately (more or less) called the ‘IP of Darkness’, it features the longest days of class time coupled with dreary darkness and misery of an aging winter.  What they didn’t tell us was that getting over … More Dreary Days

B(eing) Average

We survived last week – our finals are over, and we are starting new classes with bright, shiny new syllabi and exciting new professors.  Life is good – or it should be.  Oddly enough, I have caught myself and several others stressing more now, or at least differently, than we were last week.  Last week … More B(eing) Average