Grief is a sinkhole It hides beneath the karst topography of my skin Undermining, excavating, depleting Until the foundation of my functional self Loses stability One hundred little raindrops One hundred little reminders One hundred little things I forgot to say One hundred little poems One hundred Sunday noons One hundred little ways To say … More Sinkholes

New Schema

So apparently writing a lot of poems about depression and the struggle of veterinary school can give the impression to non-veterinary friends and family that there is no joy to be had. Who would have suspected? I mean, I guess therapeutic writing can get to be narrow-sighted. For that reason, I’ve decided to change things … More New Schema

The end of one, beginning of another…

I have a scary-ass theriogenology quiz tomorrow (think 33-page study guide) – so, obviously, I’m blogging. Naturally. One thing a lot of people get confused about Mizzou’s vet school is our clinic schedule. We have a two-year didactic, two-year clinical schedule, instead of the traditional three-year didactic, one-year clinical schedule; that means that as a … More The end of one, beginning of another…


  Every student has felt it – the looming promise of summer after a long, dark winter of cramming new and re-learning old information, and a persistent and progressive exhaustion that leaves you brain dead at ten in the morning.  Add eight weeks on the end of a normal school year, and the feeling that … More Burnout

No Longer a VM1

Today marks an important day for the class of 2019 at my school.  As of now, we are officially second years.  Although this difference in classification is about as great as the difference between an American Yorkshire and an American Landrace pig (hint, there is not much of a difference), to us it means a … More No Longer a VM1

Redefining Me

I live in a world of definitions.  For example, the rectus capitis dorsalis minor muscle can be defined as the small straight muscle attaching to the caudal aspect of the bovine or equine cranium on the dorsal aspect of the neck; its own name defines it (if you can read Latin).  I can differentiate an … More Redefining Me

My Spot

There are no assigned seats in lecture halls in vet school, but Lord help you if you sit in someone else’s spot.  Every day, all day, we sit in ‘our’ seats, next to the same people; all hell breaks loose when we were asked to change rooms with the second years this IP.  We have … More My Spot