When I got to vet school, I swore I wouldn’t get a job. Or become over-involved in extra-curricular activities.  Then I attended club night, and since every club related to working with and learning about animals in the context of medicine, I wanted to join every one. Fortunately, being a club member is only as … More Over-commitment


  Every student has felt it – the looming promise of summer after a long, dark winter of cramming new and re-learning old information, and a persistent and progressive exhaustion that leaves you brain dead at ten in the morning.  Add eight weeks on the end of a normal school year, and the feeling that … More Burnout

That quinoa reminds me of something I saw in lab…

I’m sorry if I gross you out, but the other day in pathology we were looking at some fresh specimens of animals that came in for necropsy, and… Actually, I’m not going to do that to you.  At least, not in writing.  However, the next time I eat lunch with my classmates, we’ll probably discuss … More That quinoa reminds me of something I saw in lab…

Not Alone

A lot of people with more credentials and knowledge than I possess have written about this topic; people who struggle more fiercely than I have ever had to struggle, just to get through another day, have written about living with mental illness.  I am not going to write about why mental health is an important … More Not Alone

No Longer a VM1

Today marks an important day for the class of 2019 at my school.  As of now, we are officially second years.  Although this difference in classification is about as great as the difference between an American Yorkshire and an American Landrace pig (hint, there is not much of a difference), to us it means a … More No Longer a VM1