Not Okay

We are taught to practice evidence-based medicine – meaning, when new research comes out showing that old protocols or therapies are not as effective as we thought, or some interventions are unsafe, we apply the new information to our practice. We are scientists, applying what other scientists discover to patients in the real world, and … More Not Okay

A Non-productive Productive Weekend

This weekend I attended the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association Convention, where I talked with company representatives, organization presidents, and practicing veterinarians. I ate dinner and joked with the Dean and Associate Dean of Student Affairs at my school, got some advice – solicited and not – from various sources with varying experiences. I saw passion … More A Non-productive Productive Weekend

Find Your ‘Why’

Why do you do this? Why do you get up in the morning?   A professor told us in lecture that he remembers his ‘why’ everyday.   No, that’s bullshit. There will be days, weeks, god forbid even months, when you forget. When you can’t remember why you do what you do, why you’re awake … More Find Your ‘Why’


When I got to vet school, I swore I wouldn’t get a job. Or become over-involved in extra-curricular activities.  Then I attended club night, and since every club related to working with and learning about animals in the context of medicine, I wanted to join every one. Fortunately, being a club member is only as … More Over-commitment