Your brain gets smart

“Your brain gets smart, but your head gets dumb” All Star, Smash Mouth

“Oh, you’re in vet school? You must be so smart!”

“So you get to play with puppies and kittens all day, right?”

“I wanted to be a vet, but I couldn’t euthanize an animal!”





You want to know what it’s really like,

When medicine rules my life?

I haven’t called my parents in too long,

The call of my bed is a force over-strong;

Every day I sit and grumble,

While professors whine and mumble.

Every exam is a little worse,

Anxiety my waking curse;

My brain works far too slow

To keep up with the knowledge flow.

Never enough sleep, never enough study

All my thoughts are fuzzy and muddy –

I forget things I used to know well

Where the knowledge went, I couldn’t tell.

I know a lot, but nothing at all

I feel as empty-headed as a doll

I’m excited for clinics – in theory

I’m too tired to feel, in reality.

Only eight more exams until I get to sleep

I hope I can focus, my Cs to keep;

But the truth is, each exam is the same

A beast too wild to tame.

I’ve about lost the fight,

Lost sight of the tunnel-end light.

For now, in exams I need to keep

Myself from falling asleep.


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