Theoretical Space

I’m lost in a theoretical space

Fissure lines on lungs like lace

Fifty thousand shades of grey

Optical illusions to start the day


Fortunes change so fast

This happiness can’t last

My head is spinning,

Yesterday, depression was winning


And I’m losing to a theoretical space

Daily putting on my brave face –

Maybe I might be fooled to think

That this time, I won’t sink


Making it up as I go

Missing the confidence I show

Anxiety gnaws my stomach

Always worrying I’ll be sick


Wandering in a theoretical space

My thoughts across my mind pace

Trying to swim in a stormy sea

But I’m writing my way free


In the darkest depths, I’ve been before

Where I’d hoped to venture no more

But even here, I’ve found – I’m not alone

Depression no longer sits enthroned


I found peace in my theoretical space

A reprieve from the non-stop race

Space enough to breathe, even to think

And build fences on the edge of the brink


If you need me, look you know where

My theoretical space, that saving grace

If you’ve a need, there’s room to spare,

To find silence in a theoretical space.


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