‘Twas the week before finals

‘Twas the week before finals

And all through the school

The students were studying

(And one moaned like a ghoul)


Thoughts of failure,

Tears, and panic attacks, held at bay

By promises of coffee

And sleep at the end of the day


Lesions were characterized

By shape, size, and texture

While drugs were memorized –

Prophylaxis, treat, or cure


Healthy habits overthrown

In favor of studying just a little more

One last thing, we have to learn

Or maybe three or four


Pile the lectures on

With our learning, we aren’t done

We haven’t yet learned why

Cats purr with their claws in your flesh


Or why dogs chase their own tails

(Maybe it’s like us, reading the text

At three in the morning, even though

We’ll not remember a thing for the test)


We’ve studied nutrition

(But to ourselves not applied)

Pharmacology – know we now

How caffeine keeps us wired


Pathology tells us

Our brains are fried

Business reminds us

We need to sleep at night


Public health reminds

Of terror in our world

Zoonoses and the reverse

Plague, anthrax, and worse


Poor kids, the first years

Are stuck in anatomy labs

Soaked in formalin and tears

Three practicals to go.


The administration tells us

“Mental health is important

That’s why we’ve also

Opened clinic sign ups


Sign up now, don’t miss your chance

To get the electives you want

Make your schedules, two years ahead

Time to apply all the things you’ve read”


Lectures continue – why stop now?

Christmas shopping and gift a’giving

Studying how mastitis present in a cow

All while yearning for the next two weeks we’ll be living


‘Twas the night after finals

And all through the school

No one was present

Peace was finally the rule


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