I’m supposed to be studying

Here in the CVM wilds, surrounded by books

Not one person cares a whit for looks

Too busy and distracted with survival

Of the outside world we know not at all

Longing for home and sleep

Long hours in the library, we weep

My brain will take no more

Of diseases and medicines of yore

Anesthetic agents not approved for use –

How long can we endure this abuse?

Vesicles and ulcers, bullae and neoplasm

Too much more, and I may develop a spasm

Anthrax is a bioterrorism agent of the class type III

HEPA filters designed to keep spores from flying free

Outside the building, the sun still will shine

(the sun still shines, doesn’t it?)

But here in the cave, we toe the line

Between sleep deprived and neurotic

Between a little crazy and psychotic

Between failure and passing

To get our degrees, C’s we’re amassing

And for those of us with no self-preservation

Online classes and CE – no reservation!

Discounts for students – we don’t have enough to learn

It’s our education – our place we have to earn!

So between exams and after hours

For study breaks and instead of smelling flowers

Medicine we’re learning – in two years we’re doctors

No more exams, no more proctors

Thinking about it makes me tachycardic –

Use your doctor words – and a little dyspnic

I don’t know enough – how do clinicians know so much?

I think I rely too much on luck…

Don’t panic – there’s time to understand

How on their feet cats always land

Or how to treat a dog with poisonous drugs

To kill the cancer invading his lungs

Give us more – we don’t know enough

And our understanding is no more than rough

Cram some more – write a paper or five

But don’t forget – enjoy your time to thrive

No time like the present to get involved

Leave no stone unturned, no world problem unsolved

In our twenties, we’re supposed to be lost

Travel the world, no matter the cost

So lost we got, here in the CVM wild

Where no exam is mild

Do you wonder why so hard we play

When in a month, we have fun just one day?

Extracurriculars are just as important

As our professor’s Why We Should Vax rant

We take this advice heart – treat yo’self

And don’t leave mental health on the shelf

Every hour its task – whether study or break

And sometimes, sleep (though we’re never fully awake)

Classes and exams, meetings and work

Dinners and coffee and researching in Merck

We have one million things filling our minds

But the one thing we just don’t have is time


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