An Ode to Adams

Oh, to sit on my ass

(not to be crass)

For many a long hour,

My mood quickly turning sour.

How boring the talks,

I wish we went on walks.

Instead, inside, I sit on my ass.


Exams in the morning

Lectures through noon, full of warning

Club meetings all evening

Of sleep only am I dreaming

But we have exams come morning


Four years long, a DVM to earn

Four years short, too much to learn

Two years of didactic

It’s always rather frantic

Four years, eight more loans to burn


Vets in the making

(our thirst for knowledge slaking)

Our services undervalued,

Someday each of us will be sued

Compassion fatigue in my future

(For that, there is no surgery nor suture)

Until we make it, we’re faking


Should’a become an MD

Make some good money

Instead I’m spaying

(with kittens all day I’m not playing)

Five species to medicate –

Let’s add a few more, just to be safe

Why didn’t I just get an MD?


I can’t feel my toes

I think the water in my bottle froze

In the library I’m shivering

In class I’m quivering

Why is it so damn cold

Can’t we put the AC on hold?

There’s frostbite on the end of my nose


Back to class, just another day

Maybe next month we’ll have time to play

For now, we’re on our asses

Sitting through another round of classes

I only need to get through today

So lovely and inspiring a room…

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